Misconception: Whose Calling Shotgun In Your Vehicle?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

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It’s crazy and it’s a different world today than how it was years ago. Everyone is on their phone tapping and scrolling on #Facebook or the other socials getting the latest news.

Does anyone watch tv anymore? I came across this video (lol) and it mentioned that the majority of the population is watching and relaying on there socials feeds and other platforms to catch the latest trends. People are busy and their attention span is close to none.

But, it's obvious

We're consumed, and not mindful - expecting the external things will make us #happy. We have turned off our internal clock or just forgot that our thoughts and actions are what really runs the show here. This is why I call this writing misconception. Confusion has taken a stance, overstanding ourselves has become very difficult for many and we find other things and tangible goods for that matter too please our egos.

I say "we" - because we're all in this together, so just vibe with me and my style of writing - it all relates.

It’s like our Ego is running the show. Our ego is calling all the shots and has been for a very long time.

Food for thought – and I’m closing this writing out.

Imagine shifting, and our truth is now running the show. How would that look and feel?. I would think and hope that all those dust-covered writings and ideas would start coming out, the talent and deeper desires start unfolding knowing that the possibilities are endless, as we’re in an Unlimited Abundance Universe.

Mentally we’ll be on top and always looking to improve our game. There’s no other option, really - as elevating is apart of our truth. The majority of our Egos are calling the shots so that will only leave our truth unspoken for.


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