Patience Is a Skill I Must Tap Into Daily - I Share With You Two Things I do!

Last week I touched on what I call a skill. The skill we should all be developing daily, patience. For many of my younger years, my reaction was to get “angry”—or at least “upset.” Then I finally realized that this response served only to make an already stressful situation worse and my vibration level not on par. So I began making a conscious effort to respond differently to the things that bothered me or what I could not control. Most of the times the best I could do was “tolerate”.

Learn not to react or jump the gun with your thoughts out loud - let all those thoughts march in your head at first then organize them. Which feelings are based on feelings? How will you look reacting in such a way and your overall emotions, and if you feel and know that a negative reaction is at the top of the charts - discipline yourself not to say anything at all.

The second thing I noticed regardless of what the issue was I would find myself repeating "patience Toni, patience" do a little giggle and react to it later on if I even remembered to react - I came to the conclusion that doing this was being compassionate with myself. Not allowing outside circumstances alter my day - thinking about things wasting valuable time, you know I have things to do, people to see, kids to raise, a house to clean, a 9-5, a business that needs my FULL attention and a clear conscious and mindset. Those times when I do catch myself spending to much brain juice thinking about the BS. I am aware of it and I knock it off my grid ASAP.

Find a phrase or simply just keep repeating to yourself patience over and over again or mind over matter, mind over matter - this will help alter your thoughts back to where it should be before that person cuts you off on the road or when someone says that stupid remark.

If you have no control over the situation or the possible outcome - what can you really do? The lack of patience is a stress response to whatever is going on. You feel it in both the mind and body. Practicing and cultivating this skill patience is a way of taking care of yourself, which is self-compassion.

Try it out - with love I'm Out!


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