Some Say It's a Skill While Others Say It's an Emotion - Patience Is A Virtue

Just a way of expressing the importance of being patient. A virtue is a trait or quality deemed to be morally excellent and is valued; as a foundation of principle and good moral being.

Having patience simply makes us become better people. Not only with others but for ourselves. Sometimes we feel that we have to jump the gun and make decisions right at the moment and switch the vibe today - right now. I had my fair share of disappointments because I was making a decision way to fast, how I was feeling in the moment caught me off gaurd. I am not saying cut all emotion out but we should overstand that - for one our decision may affect others and impact many things and possibly alter our life and making the necessary transitions harder.

Being in alignment we hear all the time and how it is important for us to be aligned with what is going on in our environment and surroundings. So if you can only imagine taking something and throwing it off course - what possible if any outcomes can occur from doing this. Patience can be viewed as a skill or emotion. I personally like to view it as a skill that is based on emotions

Now let's say you are trying your best to deal with the issue that arises, trying many different approaches but still nothing - What should you do then? How can one be patient with something they are not seeing any progress with - this is where your patience really kicks in and I am going to leave this post right here until next week so I can break it down, how I deal with it and what I do.

Be Still To Be Balanced!


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