Wellness History - Where Did It Really Start - What Is It today? & Where Is It Going?

Ayurveda is one of the eldest traditions dated 3,000 - 2,000 BC. It was known to be an oral tradition. This holistic system strives to create harmony between body, mind, and spirit, Ayurvedic regimens are tailored to each person’s unique constitution.

Wellness - Where did it all start? Where and when did salvation start tapping into their wellness? I believe it was always there and widely spread throughout history but on different vibes with different techniques and applications. Knowing myself - I wanted to know more and so I went hunting and came across some articles - some more retailed then others - I'll share in nugget form what I found and I'll leave a link below - where you can tap into it.

Wellness is a modern word for "Ancient Roots". Today it has gained currency since the 1950s - 1970s, it is now largely talked and has shaped the way we conceptualize wellness today. The origins of wellness are ancient and its concepts are rooted back to many intellectual, religious and medical movements and can also be traced back to the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, and Asia, whose historical

traditions have no doubt influenced the modern wellness movement we see today.

Ancient Roots

3,000 – 2,000 BC:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), one of the world’s oldest systems of medicine, develops. Influenced by Taoism and Buddhism, TCM applies a holistic perspective to achieving health and wellbeing, by cultivating harmony in one’s life.

500 BC:

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates – is possibly the first physician to focus on preventing sickness instead of simply treating disease, and also argued that disease is a product of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors with its extensive system of aqueducts, sewers and public baths that helped prevent the spreading of germs and maintained a healthier population.

19th Century Intellectual & Medical Movements

Then we hop right into the 19th century where we see a new vibe approaching on intellectual, spiritual and medical practices. I personally think here is where it started allowing people to scope a whole new meaning of Wellness. This is when we started seeing a number of alternative health care methods pop up that focused on self-healing, holistic approaches, and preventive care – including homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathy. Other new philosophies were more spiritually oriented and were instrumental in the theory that a primary source of physical health is one’s mental and spiritual state of being - Of course what many do not physically see to be true it discredited - but today we see it everywhere that these movements did stick around and regained more focus around maintaining one’s health through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle measures. A healthy body equals a healthy mind and spirit - this philosophy embodied in the 19th century systems – and are now considered dominant to the current, thriving wellness and self-help movements.

Moving on....

20th Century: There's Always a Shift

Today we use the word Wellness - But did you know it dates way back to the 1950'?. Physician Halbert L. Dunn, published High-Level Wellness in 1961. It was about ten years later his ideas were noticed by others. They then created their own comprehensive models of wellness, developed new wellness assessment tools, and wrote and spoke actively on the concept. This birthed the world’s first wellness center, developing the first university campus wellness center, and establishing the National Wellness Institute and National Wellness Conference in the U.S

21st Century: Wellness Tips

Twenty - Thirty years ago we didn't hear many people speak on the word "Wellness". Now just take a look - everywhere we look, hear and see - “Wellness is, in fact, a concept widely talked about and is a word we might hear every day. It’s bigger than just paying attention to our wellness. The global wellness movement skyrocketed - fitness, healthy living and pretty much anything to do with our overall wellbeing. These concepts of wellness are in fact transforming every industry from food and beverage to travel.

To close this out - Wellness had been around before many of us here today and I believe it's vital that we pay attention and try our best to know that our wellbeing not only impacts us as individuals - It's a movement and can change the World.

The link below gives you more in-depth reading and breaks it down.

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